Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Little Red Work Dress

When I bought this dress, I intended to wear it to work. And while the cut and fit of the dress are work appropriate, I realized that I don't feel comfortable wearing red to work. How do you guys feel about red in the workplace? I work in a very religious neighborhood and would definitely stand out amongst all the dark colors so I have a feeling I won't end up wearing this dress very often. I feel like it's too conservative and not "me" so I wouldn't wear it on my days off, but it's not appropriate to wear in the community I work either. I wear sequins to work (yep, I've worn this outfit) and it's no problem, but I won't wear red because I wouldn't feel like I'm being culturally sensitive.... and as a social worker, I really need to be!

 photo DSC09971_zps2bcf9740.jpg  photo DSC00004_zps03e4069f.jpg  photo DSC09947_zpse17073e5.jpg  photo DSC09967_zpse21be4f0.jpg  photo DSC09950_zps37811097.jpg
Photos by Brittanny Taylor and don't forget to check out her FB page here!
Hair by Sorah Yaffa.

Dress: J.Crew (available in 3 other colors here)
BagTed Baker, the camel color is also gorgeous and it comes in mint too here
ShoesShoemint (save Sole Society or splurge Stuart Weitzman, shoes of my dreams Dolce & Gabbana)
WatchMichael Kors
Bracelet: similar Kate Spade or T & J Designs


  1. I have worn red top to work but not all red. I hope you can find a good place to wear this dress too.

  2. that dress is gorgeous and perfect for work!

    The Style Scribe

  3. InspiringNancy .April 2, 2014 at 5:47 PM

    Maybe layering the top with different blazers or sweaters to make the bottom look more like a flared skirt would make it more you?

  4. Thanks! Normally I agree, but not where I work though... haha, trust me!

  5. I totally agree, but not where I work.:)

  6. red is by far my favorite color and im DYING over this dress..u look fab and i love that bag girl!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  7. LittleMonsterx14April 3, 2014 at 5:01 PM

    i think this is so cute and you look great! I think those black accents tone the red down. maybe with a black cardi over it would be perfect for work :)

  8. I've never thought about the problem of wearing red to work. I have lots of time but I think it really depends on where you work and the environment. But I think it's very cute and I would wear it to my office.


  9. Thanks! Good idea about the cardi!

  10. I was about to say add a black cardi and you would be fine

  11. Are you Jewish? Are you familiar with the laws of modesty?

  12. This is the second time you posted this. Are you a troll or is there something you really want to know?

  13. So no shabbat either?


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