Friday, March 28, 2014

For My Plus Size Girls!

I used to be a lot larger and I remember all too well how difficult it was find clothes in my size that didn't make me look like an 80 year old grandma. I was 17, 18, 19 years old and I felt so much shame about how I looked because I couldn't dress in a way that reflected who I was. I know that I'm fortunate now to have a much bigger selection of clothes to choose from but it isn't that way if your size falls in the plus size category. So here's a roundup of some of my favorite looks along with where to find similar plus size options at Nordstrom, One Stop PlusAsos, and Modcloth

 photo DSC09856_zpscf3ad3e3.jpg
  I wore this cobalt lace dress and here are some pretty options in larger sizes:
A purply blue lace dress here (it comes in gray too).
A scalloped blue lace dress here.
A navy lace dress with a cute bow belt here.
A pretty blue fit and flare here.

 photo DSC07075_zps5ba06fc0.jpg
I love my bow dress and found another fun option and it's equally as cheap as mine! You can find it here and wear it with a cardi or blazer like I did. Another bow option here as well.

 photo DSC05616-Edit_zpse94316c3.jpg
I still love my sequined LBD and I've talked about liking my LBD to have a fun embellishment or detail that makes it interesting. Here are some plus size dresses that have the extra pop:
A sequin black fit and flare here.
A simple but stunning eggplant dress with a jeweled neckline here.
A pretty embellished top skater dress here.
A black belted dress with an embellished neckline here.

 photo IMG_9422-Edit_zpse5b91fb8.jpg
I am a sucker for a striped dress and I found a couple of great plus size options:
A striped long sleeve striped dress that comes in a ton of different color here.
 A striped fit and flare here.
A great, easy shift dress here.


  1. These are all great dresses, no matter what your size is!


  2. Love the 3 dress. I go shopping for my sister and have a hard time finding her cute clothes. Thanks for sharing these site.

  3. Such a great post! I luuurve the first one! <3

  4. This is the one your wearing right? They have it in plus size! :)

  5. nope but it's similar-ish though!

  6. Oh you're a good sister! Nice! Hope this helps!

  7. I am also a sucker for striped dresses. They're just too cute! I also adore the colour of the first dress you're wearing.

    Wear It Better

  8. You are absolutely KILLING it in that sequin LBD, and it's great of you to link to plus size options. I'm guilty of ignoring that segment of my audience as well, but I hope that we can all take cues from you and start including some more varied selections.


  9. Awwww thanks Brittney:) And I appreciate your comment!

  10. I know you were gorgeous when you were a teen, too. :)

    Beautiful photos, and great dress options!



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