Thursday, August 28, 2014

How To Style A Petite Midi Skirt

I've been feeling a lot more comfortable with wearing midi length skirts and dresses lately. I've found that there are two things that are key to pulling off midi skirts with a petite frame. The first is heels or wedges; if you're going to wear something a couple of inches (or more) past the knee, your legs might look stumpy. Heels elongate your legs and streamline the look. The second thing that helps is wearing a more fitted or tucked in top. Again, it's about balancing out the bottom half so that you don't get swallowed up by the midi length.

But I do want to mention that if you're petite and you like wearing flats and oversized tops with your midi skirts, that's totally cool too! Not everyone will go for the same look I'm going for so do whatever makes you feel good.

 photo stripedmidi3_zpsc531f506.jpeg  photo stripedmidi5_zps9add6416.jpeg  photo stripedmidi_zps21692a65.jpeg  photo stripedmidi6_zps1fcd0ac9.jpeg  photo stripedmidi4_zpsb48f4fea.jpeg
Photos by Kelly West (check out her facebook page and instagram page)

Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: old shoes with c/o Shoelery shoe clips (similar shoes herehere and here)
Bag: Ted Baker, last year (but this years updated gorgeous bag: Ted Baker)
Bangles: c/o H.M.Willow
Rings: c/o Wrenn Jewelry

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Adding Color To A Work Outfit

I find myself getting into a rut when it comes to work outfits and tend to wear to the same looks over and over again. I've started to push myself to experiment more with my work wardrobe, adding more color and prints. I think I was trying to dress "older" as I've been told I look a good 5-7 years younger than I am, and I didn't feel confident enough about my age when working with clients who are decades older than me. But life is too short to wear boring clothes and I'm sooo done with that! Here's an example of what I wore to work recently and I feel that it's professional but still fun and "me."

What kind of environment do you work in and do you feel you can express your style in your work wardrobe?

 photo _DSC1781-Edit_zps6d265b22.jpg  photo _DSC1805-Edit_zps010cbf4f.jpg  photo _DSC1808-Edit_zps8921f652.jpg  photo _DSC1803-Edit_zps0f6459ce.jpg
Photos by Brittanny Taylorcheck out her FB page here!

Dress: DKNY, sold out (similar Laundry by Shelli SegalDVF and Collective Concepts)
Bag: Kate Spade, old (similar Rebecca MinkoffKate SpadeMichael Kors)
Shoes: J.Crew
Bracelets: Kate Spade
Rings: c/o Ash and WillowJeweliq

Monday, August 25, 2014

Never Say Monday!

I found this awesome graphic top in the pajama section but wouldn't it be a waste if I wore it as pjs and no one got to see this awesomeness? ;) Also, every once in a while, my shortness works in my favor. This is a cropped top but being that I'm vertically challenged, there is no skin showing which is my preference. I also linked to some other great graphic tops in the slide below and they're all well priced so... have fun! :)

 photo shira-brittannytaylor-w45_zpsf0992ed5.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-w41_zps6e1d475b.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-w49_zps6faa5243.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-w44_zps1529c621.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-w48_zps123d33ac.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-w47_zpsf516ef2a.jpg
Photos by Brittanny Taylorcheck out her FB page here!
Hair by Sorah yaffa.

Skirt: Stateside, sold out. But almost identical: Rachel Pally and love SplendidElevenParisVelvet, and Helmut Lang
ShoesMadewell sold out 
Bag: c/o Kensie, unavailable but similar Kensie on sale
Rings: c/o Wrenn Jewelry
Sunglasses: c/o Ozeal Glasses, very similar Ray Ban , Westward Leaning, and Randolph Engineering

Friday, August 22, 2014

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

 A couple of months ago, I asked you all on facebook to send me a list of your questions about laser hair removal and then sat down with Melissa, the owner of Deify Laser + Beauty Lounge, to get some answers for you. I just want to make it clear that this post is in no way sponsored by Deify and I paid for my laser hair removal services myself. I just had an amazing experience there and wanted to share what I've learned so that you don't have to waste your money in places with ineffective laser treatments like I did.
 photo deify3_zps6097461e.jpg
I've tried four different places for laser hair removal and I was by far, the happiest with Deify Laser. I'll talk to you about my personal experience, but I also wanted to do a Q and A with Melissa, the owner of Deify (you can read her inspirational story of how she came to start her business here).

 photo Headshots_zps18a276c2.jpeg
Shira: Ok, so my readers want to know; is laser hair removal really permanent?

Melissa: I'd say that you should expect a 70-80% reduction with most people experiencing an 80% reduction. Occasionally, hormonal changes like pregnancy can interfere with results. We offer half off follow up treatments if those things do occur.

Shira: So tell me about the pain...

Melissa: The best way I can describe it is that it feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin but it's really, really fast. I've honestly never come across a person that has not continued because of the pain. You can always do a test patch to see if you can handle it but I've been doing this for years and people really tolerate it. Also, it helps to have skilled and caring technicians that know what they're doing and know how to make you feel comfortable.

Shira: Is laser hair removal dangerous? What kind of side effects are there?

Melissa: If it's not done correctly, yes, it can be dangerous so it's important to be knowledgeable and educated about the treatments you are getting. There should be no sun exposure for two weeks before the treatment and no antibiotics for 14 days since the last pill. Also, most people don't realize this but performing laser hair removal is not regulated in New York State so you need to do your research and find out about the equipment used and the experience of the technicians.

Shira: How long does your hair have to be?

Melissa: We ask you to shave the day before your treatment because less hair above the skin is important so that the laser can be absorbed better. You shouldn't wax or tweeze because you need the hair to be in the follicle to target the laser. Waxing (and tweezing, threading, etc) interrupts the process and pulls the target away. Even if shaving seems annoying, it'll be so much easier after the first time because you'll see a 50% reduction after the first treatment.

 photo deify4_zpsfbdf5dd1.jpg

Shira: Does laser hair removal only work for people with light skin tones?

Melissa: We have two modalities; yag for dark skin and alexandrite for lighter skin so no, you don't only need to have lighter skin for laser hair removal to work.

Shira: My readers say that they've heard that laser hair removal can cause your hair to grow in other places. Is that true?

Melissa: I've heard that too and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I've been treating people for over 6 years which means thousands of clients and not a single client has reported this. This is based my personal experience though.

Shira: Anything else you think might be important information to share?

Melissa: I said this earlier but I think it's important that people realize that laser hair removal is not regulated in New York State. We make sure to only hire estheticians who've had the proper education and certifications. And if you're interested in pursuing laser hair removal treatment at Deify, we offer complimentary consultations and monthly specials.

Check out this month's specials here.

 photo deify2_zps7932d91c.jpg
In the photo above, Destiny Salguera is giving me the most gorgeous makeover. Deify is a full service salon as well as them being experts at laser hair removal!

So I hope this was helpful! Feel free to ask me any additional questions and I'll stalk Melissa for some answers. :)

In terms of my own personal experience, I'm a person that cannot.tolerate.pain. And I was able to tolerate even the brazilian laser hair removal. There were times that it hurt more than others but the fact that it was really fast and only a few spots that hurt more, made it really tolerable. I did see a dramatic decrease in hair right after the first time. I've used two different technicians and they were both SO sweet and professional. After going to other places that offered laser hair removal and them not being effective at all, I did better research and found that Deify does use the most effective laser machines and only hires experienced technicians. I'm also really self conscious about my body but my technicians really made me feel comfortable.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Favorite Little White Dress

This dress is everything I was looking for in a LWD. The circle eyelet pattern is unique, it's easy and comfortable to wear, and it has sleeves (I did line the sleeves though because they are sheer and I prefer it lined for modesty reasons). The dress is sold out but I linked to some great options in the slideshow below.

 photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w24_zps1bfdc942.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w30_zps54ce6ad9.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w28_zps5c684072.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w21_zps9b7c1f17.jpg
Photos by Brittanny Taylorcheck out her FB page here!
Hair by Sorah yaffa.

Dress: sold out, similar Catherine MalandrinoElla MossSeaAsosJoaRuche
Clutch: c/o Kensie
Rings: c/o Wrenn Jewelry

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Beaded Scalloped Dress

I've been stalking this dress for a while on Asos and knew it was meant to be when it went on sale and it was still available in my size (spoken like a true shopaholic?). The scalloped details, the beading, and the half sleeves are just some of the details that make this my dream dress. My colorful H.M. Willow gemstone bangles are the perfect accessory and if you have a chance, you must check out H.M. Willow's instagram account for more beautiful eye candy!

 photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w13_zpsa38f4558.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w19_zps0dd72381.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w16_zps825b13ee.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w12_zps33d55437.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w20_zps3ec110f3.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-p2w14_zps1104af21.jpg
Photos by Brittanny Taylorcheck out her FB page here!
Hair by Sorah yaffa.
Dress: Asos on sale! Also loving this Asos beaded dress.
Shoes: Vince Camuto, old. Crushing on these Ivanka Trump heels.
Bracelets: c/o H.M. Willow, check out her gorgeous instagram page

Friday, August 15, 2014

Carmindy and Co Makeup Review

One of my old, guilty tv pleasures is the show "What Not To Wear." I think I've always loved it because it's one of the only shows I know of where the focus is on having women accept their bodies the way they are and learning to dress their body type as opposed to changing it to fit society's standard of beauty. It was a breath of fresh air to watch Stacy and Clinton work to help women in all shapes and sizes feel good about themselves because how often do we get to see something like that on tv? And Carmindy, the incredibly talented makeup artist, was always so fun to watch.

I'm not going to lie; I was a shy, little mess when I bumped into Carmindy at the press party for Birchbox's new store opening in Soho. It took me a while to work up the courage to ask her if we could take a picture together (which I immediately instagrammed). Not only did that happen but then I was lucky enough to receive a box of makeup from Carmindy's makeup line to try! Keep reading to find out about my favorite products from the Carmindy & Co makeup line.

 photo shira-brittannytaylor-w05_zpsad95cc64.jpg
I'm always a fan of a good lip gloss and the "When In Doubt Lip Gloss" did not disappoint. You can find it here. I love the range of brights but if you look at the third photo, you can see me wearing a softer color that is just as gorgeous. The lip butter looks bold in color when you see it, but it goes on sheer and feels so soft on your lips. You can find the lip butter here.
 photo shira-brittannytaylor-w04_zpsdab6c050.jpg  photo shira-brittannytaylor-w01_zps4273a861.jpg
   I also love the Ever After Eyeliner. The color is a rich espresso shade and I love the built in sharpener! You can find it here. The Elevate Mascara did not clump, flake, or smudge and the curved brush made application so easy! You can find the mascara here. The Epic Eyeshadow Quad comes with 4 shades to give you the perfect smokey eye and you can find it here. photo shira-brittannytaylor-w06_zps2e043d0c.jpg
 The foundation is one of my favorite products in their line. Brittanny and I have completely different skin tones and we were both able to find a foundation that matched our skin tones perfectly! It's called the Game Changer Foundation and I'd have to agree; it provides beautiful, buildable coverage, felt smooth and silky, and lasted throughout a long, humid day.  You can find it here.
 photo shira-brittannytaylor-w03_zps88268f26.jpg
Photos thanks to the incredibly talented Brittanny Taylor.
Hair thanks to Sorah Yaffa.
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